A Story of Rumah Belajar

Finnaly, today i can write about my adventures in event Duta Rumah Belajar. Event Duta Rumah Belajar Rumah aims to find educators who care about learning based on information technology and computers in Indonesia. Rumah Belajar is educational website established by pustekkom kemdikbud since 2011. This website is expected to be used by students, teachers or other communities. Rumah Belajar has 8 main features that can be used in learning activities.

Sumber Belajar. This feature provide learning sources for students and teachers based on the curriculum. Sumber Belajar are presented structurally with an attractive appearance because they are presented in images, videos, animations, simulations and games.

Buku Sekolah Elektronik (BSE). BSE provides school books from elementary schools to high schools based on national standards that can be read online or downloaded free.

Bank Soal. Bank Soal provides a set of questions grouped by subject matter. beside, there are also various access to practice questions, tests and exams for free

Laboratorium Maya. Laboratorium Maya (Virtual Lab) presents a collection of learning simulations that are presented interactively and interestingly.

Peta Budaya. Peta Budaya (Cultural Maps) are a collection of cultures from all of Indonesia. Cultural maps are presented in pictures, videos, animations and games.

Wahana Jelajah Angkasa. Wahana Jelajah Angkasa is the learning media for explore about space.

Pengembangan Keprofesian Berkelajuntan (PKB). PKB includes education and training activities that can be taken by teachers. A teacher can take training, which consists of a set of training in accordance with the specifications he has through the website.

Kelas Maya. Kelas Maya (Virtual Class) is a leaning management system developed specifically to facilitate the occurrence of virtual learning between teachers and students, anytime and anywhere.

Rumah Belajar has given to me so many lessons in my life such as creativity, problem solving, communication, collaboration and especially self-confidence. If you wanna learn about Rumah Belajar, visit official website  here or visit my videos here.

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